Friday, April 5, 2013

small world

I walked out of the airport and some guy was holding a piece of paper with my name on it. He grabbed one of my bags and we got in his beat up car. (right out of a scary movie and what you should not do in a foreign country) but I trusted that God had me in his hands. we drove an hour and talked to one another occasionally through my poor spanish and his broken English. I arrived at my house at about 8pm. The lady of the house, man and daughter greeted me and showed me my room and the bathroom. The lady asked if I was hungry, and then told me what time breakfast, lunch and dinner was the next day. the house is super cute. kinda like a villa of sorts with a small open court yard in the middle. when I woke up I met Kiko, the other girl staying and going to school, she is from Japan. how crazy! we ate breakfast and then walked to the school. I met a team from Bethel studying abroad and working with Students International here in Antigua. I paid for my first week of classes today and checked out the school. Went home and had lunch. took a nap during siesta of course. then decided to adventure out by myself. The only place I now the route to is the school, so thats where I ended up.
I'm happy here. I find myself smiling, just because. 
So thankful for this adventure.

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