Monday, April 15, 2013

mi casa

I cannot believe I have yet to post about my house here in Antigua!
Well, mi casa is very cute. And the family that resides within the structure is extremely nice and have welcomed me with open arms! I don't live there alone. There are two other students attending my school who are renting rooms. Tim, from Pennsylvania on the journey of a lifetime with his motorcycle. He has traveled from Alaska and will continue on to the tip of central America. My other house mate is Kaiko, a girl from Japan who has come to learn Spanish and live here for two years working with an organization. Two people who have stepped out to explore the world. It amazes me.
Here are some pictures. I'll hopefully post more pictures with my host family.


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  1. CB-- thrilled by your frequent posts and the way you are finding so much beauty in the details around you! May we learn to see the world as He does!