Wednesday, March 27, 2013

going back

Some of you may know about my recent trip to the Dominican Republic. My heart is still very full from my experiences last summer in the D.R. but I hope at some point to be able to convey what I saw, learned, and felt during my time there. It was a blessing to see God work in the months leading up to the trip, throughout my time there, and even after. 
My time there was one that I will always remember. I was one of 8 interns working with Students International (, fortunate enough to be working at the women’s sports site along with the missionary, my friend Jess; who had been planning for the past year and a half to take her Dominican varsity volleyball team on an outreach trip to the States. I wish that I could talk about all the particulars that had happen while I was in the D.R. Playing volleyball from 9am-5pm, meeting people from all over the U.S., going to Genesis (Special Education Site), leading prayer walks through a desolate town, worshiping at cross night, hiking the tallest mountain in Jarabacoa and almost falling off, seeing the clearest water, eating so much arroz con pollo (rice and chicken), and coming back to the states with the varsity volleyball team. You can see and read my blog on how the whole trip went at 
With all that, what I want to talk about the most is how I fell in love. I know you’re thinking: “What?! She met a Dominican man?!” No, I did not meet and fall in love with a Dominican man to save you all from your thoughts. I fell in love with the culture, the kids I met at Genesis, and the varsity volleyball team. Most importantly, I fell more in love with Jesus. His character and pursuit often times overwhelmed me. I was discouraged to say the least in the first few weeks of my arrival. My Spanish was not where I hoped it would be. I had a hard time understanding the girls, and felt as though I could not truly get to know them and they couldn’t truly get to know me within this language barrier, and with that I could not share the gospel like I had thought. I obviously underestimate the power of God. As the weeks went by I was able to understand a little more, here and there. I couldn’t speak as well as I could listen and comprehend, but there was one thing that could always break the barrier, love. It was translated without the use of words. It was felt, in the deepest part of my soul. Without words, these people knew I loved them, without words I felt their love, and without words it was Jesus' love that ultimately transcended every obstacle.   
I want to ask for your support in sending me back to a place where I felt God’s love breaking all barriers. This time I will have a slightly different role at Students International. I will be living in a house with full responsibilities (rent and electricity). I will also need to find transportation (car or moto) because I will be traveling to each S.I. site. My job title will be the Media Site Leader; in which I will be computing and developing a CD of the outreach students’ time in the D.R. This summer will allow me to further my passion of missions and sharing the gospel through different avenues in which I believe God has blessed me. I will arrive in the D.R. on May 6th and return August 8th. The total trip will cost me $3,000 which will cover air fair, rent, power, water, food, and gas. My hope is that you will join with me in the efforts to raise the funds necessary. I want to truly thank you in advance for your time, prayer, and donation to making this possible. You can send a check in the enclosed envelop made out to Students International, or easily donate online, directly to my account through the link below:

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  1. Courtney!!! I didn't know you had a blog! i'm excited to read your thoughts and stoked to see you are going back! Prayers for your support and trip!