Friday, April 19, 2013


So I have told you a little about Francisco, but I want to tell you more.
This man is my professor outside of school. My confidant. My friend away from friends. I cherish my time with him. We have begun to meet in the park at 5pm on occasions; a complete hour of talking about life. Well mostly his 60 years of living. He explained to me today, that this past December marked the 23rd anniversary of being alcohol free. He was alcoholic for 10 or so years of his life until he attended AA. During AA the told him he had to stop smoking too. He smoked for 15 years of his life. I also learned this past week that Francisco is a realtor, has two daughters and a son, a bunch of grandchildren, and is a widower. He is a sweet and kind old man. I'm thankful to of met him.

He told me I need to give him a copy of this picture and write on the back, "Francisco's friend Corny" :)


  1. Dile a Francisco que su amigo Lonnie le manda saludos desde San Diego en los EEUU.