Saturday, June 20, 2015

moments in pictures

Got to Skype my in on my nephew's 8th grade graduation! Can't believe he is a high schooler now!

I love my new house. I live on the bottom floor with two roommates!

My neighbor/landlord gave me some fresh eggs!

My garden is GROWING!!

Alley ways to the beach!

 Relaxing views 

 Mountain air!

some awesome volleyball girls on the first outreach!

Outreach participants at Genesis

Dinner in the community at a student's house

Another dinner in the community at a teacher/mom and student's house.

 Henny, this girl loves to laugh, screen for joy and clap.

 FabiĆ³la, this girl has no boundaries and loves without hinderance. 

 Nina, one of the most sweetest and caring girls.