Saturday, April 27, 2013

party or war zone?

Here in Antigua I haven't quite gotten used to the celebratory atmosphere that parades not only the streets, but sky. I have learned that the people of Antigua have much to be celebratory about, yet I'm not always so sure what it is that they are celebrating. Almost every morning I startle awake by the sound of bombs being shot into the sky, starting as early as 5am; and of course at night many more bombs explode over head. Occasionally, I will even hear them during the day. As in right now. I asked my host family and teacher, "por que los bombos?"and all they say is "San Jaun Pedro", (or someone's name). I'm assuming this guy is an important figure in the Catholic church because all of the bombs are shot from within the church walls. There are about 9 churches in the town, two of which are right around the corner from my house. I'm pretty sure after the bombs erupt, debris falls on the tin roof at my house, which creates another surprising sound.
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow there is a parade that will flood the streets around the down town park. This parade is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of a school here in Antigua. It is complete with 5 different bands, important men in the church, important graduates from the school, and the children of all grades who currently attend the school. The parade was neat to watch, here are some pictures:

my teacher's daughter above and bellow:

My teacher's son:

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