Sunday, November 2, 2014


When I've been overwhelm with the goal of meeting financial costs so I've been asking God to give me more ideas for fundraising. He has been gracious to give me this idea of making t-shirts!
#goLOVEdr is inspired by my favorite the verse 1 Timothy 1:5; "The aim of our charge is love..."  The arrows on the shirt represent the outward aim of our lives. Go, is the charge. Love, is the mission. My mission to the Dominican Republic is saturated in a charge to love, because I am loved. The children at Genesis Special Education school are in desperate need of Jesus as well as physical activity. Buying a t-shirt would help me get the opportunity to share the Gospel and build a physical education program at the school. 

I am eager to move to the Dominican Republic and work along side the amazing staff of Students International, but more eager to work and pray with the children at Centro Especial Genesis. I'm so beyond blessed to have this opportunity.
Would you please consider purchasing a t-shirt (or two) to help reach my goal of 50 sold shirts? Please click on the link to view the t-shirts: