Thursday, April 11, 2013

una semana

Its been one week since I've arrived and tomorrow will mark one week of school completed! That's about 25 hours of school thus far. 75 more hours to go.
This week has gone by fairly fast and I feel like it will only go by faster. I am very much enjoying my time here in Antigua. The city is beautiful and I have been fascinated by the doors as well as all the cafes. Pictures soon to follow.

My professor's name is Maria, and she is the sweetest most talkative lady! I enjoy the hours spent with her. We talk about everything. Well she does most of the talking while I add a sentence or two here and there. I'm getting very good at understanding and translating what she says... my speaking however, still needs work. I'm excited to see my progress at the end of the month because I can already see the progress and knowledge I've gained in this month alone.

Well pictures of my adventures to come this weekend!

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