Monday, July 30, 2012

up, up, and away

Adventure Part One: You Will NOT Be Traveling Today

Well, so far things started out a bit rough.  On Monday, I sent my assistant down to the airport to get all the forms and to confirm that all the documents we had were correct and ready. Affirmative.   However, this morning, when we approached our last checkpoint, we were asked for our parent permission slips. Again, affirmative.  Months ago, I had gotten legalized permission slips and had them ready.   Despite my “good” preparation, they did not have the correct certification.  So when I asked the woman, “Okay what do we need to do?”  She said, “well, your group is not traveling today.  Each of you need to get each parent to travel to Santiago and get the $75 permission slips and then come back and get on the evening fight. “ Not good.  Many parents live far away and it would have been nearly impossible to get them together again in Santiago.  The worst part of it all is that we most likely would have to pay some sort of fee to get new flights.  Trying to keep my cool (because I’m supposed to be the calm and collected adult right?),  we asked to speak with the manager (or whatever they are called), and finally we were given permission to pass if my director agreed to go to Santiago with the parents.  We also had to pay the $825 dollars to get the form signed.  I am thankful to be a part of an organization that is so supportive and I know will do any leg work that needs to be done DR side over the next couple days.  Thanks SI. 

So, after running to catch the plane, we sat down with a sigh of relief.  Luckily the stress didn’t take away from the excitement of the girls.

Adventure Part Two:  Marathon Exercise
Once we got off the plane in Miami, we had to print to make our next flight to DFW.  It was slightly nerve racking to split up with the girls because they had to go through a different set of customs.  I was super thankful to have Miriam.  She is a Dominican woman who is also a missionary with SI that also is serving as a chaperon on the trip.  Anyways, long story short, I am now sitting still wet with sweat because we ran here and got on just as they were closing the door.  I really hope I don’t have anything eventful to report on our last leg from DFW to OMA, Nebraska!

Adventure Part Three:  Yo Quiero Taco Bell
The coach from Northwestern College picked us up from the airport and then we got to enjoy a Walmart and then the classic Taco Bell for dinner!  Two of the girls were feeling sick afterwards… so maybe Taco Bell wasn’t the best idea for their first American meal! 

Here’s some highlights from the eyes of Keysi and Esther (for those of you who don’t speak Spanish, Google translate is the best! 

Lo que fue incomodo para nosotros es que estamos acostumbradas a compartir las comidas  y para mi se veía egoista comer delante de Americanos en el avion y no poder brindarles porque es nuestra comstumbre. Otra cosa extrana fue que la mayoria de las personas no hablablan, usaban sus computardoras y su cellular  u otro obejeto tecnologico.

Cuando llegamos a Miami notamos todas las  comunidades que podíamos ver del avión ocupaban un cuadro especifico y eran todos iguales, esto quiere decir que hay una buena organización.  También al  presentarse  el problema que Coach Jessica planteo  tuvimos que correr casi todos todo los pasillos del aeropuerto desviando personas y casi tumbando cosas, esto sucedió porque estábamos retrasadas.  Cuando llegamos a Dallas pudimos notar que el agua se puede tomar de la llave cosa que no hace el dominicano.

Here’s a video of some of our adventures the first day!

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