Monday, July 30, 2012

rants and chats

The past three days at Northwestern College have been an absolute blast.  The team has just welcomed us in way that has made the girls feel right at home.   

On Thursday they had a campus tour.  This was a really neat experience.  I feel like it opened up the girls eyes that college could be a realistic option for some of these girls.  I think the walls of poverty often leaves the girls thinking that college is not even a possibility.  That afternoon, a pool party was organized with a lot of the NW players.  The girls had a great time playing with the other players and it helped to release some of their nerves.

Friday & Saturday:
The girls had a really great team competing against many different teams over the course of Friday and Saturday.  They got to face a lot of tough competition and by the end of the day Saturday, they were back to being themselves.  Those girls love to talk trash, be funny and get super competitive… I’m just thankful the other teams don’t understand Spanish!

Low Lights So Far
·      Loreidy sprained her ankle the first day and won’t be able to participate in camp/games for at least a week. Pray for quick recovery.
·      Some girls have started to feel homesick

·      Watching my girls do their crazy chants… and then watch the American girls watch them in bewilderment
·      My parents surprised us with a visit on Saturday.  They were at a family reunion out west and stopped by on their way home.  So they were able to see some games and join us for night activities.
·      The girls were able to spend some time with a guy named Edwin.  Edwin grew up in the DR and by God’s soverign power, allowed him to come study and graduate from Northwestern College.  He shared his story that inspired everyone to trust God’s power and that with a lot of hard work and determination, anything is possible.  It really shoed the girls that a college education is actually possible. 
·      Watching the Northwestern players and coaches pour out into my girls.  They have been very intentional in playing with the girls, joining in their crazy games and getting to know them.  I’m excited to watch those relationships develop even more as the girls will start a High Performance Skills  on Monday!

Thank you for all your prayers! For some reason, the only thing that works on the internet is my gmail, so if you want to get a hold of me, contact my email or call my phone.  We should have another video for ya after the volleyball camp by Wednesday or Thursday! 

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