Monday, July 30, 2012

forgiveness and trust

"absorption is at the heart of forgiveness, it involves the ability to deal with pain in a way that it will not be passed on to anyone else. To forgive is to “swallow” evil and prevent it from going further." (Redemption)

Yesterday in church the pastor talked about forgiveness. how we as followers of Christ should turn our cheeks to the offences of others (Matthew 18:21-22) and how our capacity to forgive is proportionate to our reservoir of experiencing God. The girls are living in close courters and experiencing eachother in a new setting. It was not a coincidence that the Lord wanted them to learn more about forgiveness and what it requires to actively forgive those who offend us. We are continually reminded that God's love for us does not depend on our faulty obedience, but on His steadfast love. 
After church the Northwestern Volleyball Team invited us to a picnic at a local park. The girls invaded the play area and devoured an amazing selection of food. Thanks to Edwin (our Dominican friend) the girls piled their plates high with a craving from home. RICE. Not long after the food was gone, Edwin shared his testimony with the girls. An amazing story of God's provision and Edwin's faith and trust in his God is one that inspired many, especially the girls. I think his story was also a way for the girls to see that coming to the states for college is a possibility, and that no obstacle is too big for our God. 
so thankful for God's mighty hand. He is good.

pictures to come!

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