Friday, June 15, 2012

outreach two done

last two days of the outreach have been tiring but a blast!
two teams (corocito and huminuco) won the tournament of games so they got a pool party.

Kaysi and Mobs relaxing at the pool!!

of course we had to bust out the vballs!

 annalous :) crazy kid.

 had to go out for yogurt fruit after a day of playing vball and being at the pool.
ellie, me, brady and jess! enjoy my time with these ones.

chico team brought a bunch of stuff to do relay races with the kids in corocito. such a fun time.
 dianny and shaki about to start the races.

 what would a relay race be if it didn't involve water balloons! 

shaki's hermana, also my water balloon toss partner.

 one month, second outreach, blessed to be doing it all with my family of interns.

 anna plus my roommates; helena and ellie,

 so blessed to be working with you :) love you jess.

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