Sunday, June 3, 2012

are we in america?

morir soñandos on our way to Santiago!

Andrew with his morir and salami that made the van stink!

T.G.I.F for an american dinner.

after dinner we went to watch snow white and the huntsman.
great evening with the interns. felt like we were back in the states. 
guess again... another outreach group comes tomorrow. I have another team (high school team of 10 girls) on my site. pray that they impact lives of those around them in the DR as well as impacted themselves by what God is doing here.

congrats to my wonderful friends and newlyweds colby & whitney trim, and josh & christine kinney.
love you all so very much. 


  1. Love seeing all your photos. Dad and I went to see the same movie on Saturday. Praying for you, love and miss you.

  2. Oh Court! I love you. The name of your blooggg!!!:) You're such an amazing friend. So so so so happy to see you doing so well. You're in my prayers. AND I READ THAT YOU PASSED!!! I'm so proud of you. Oh! I seriously miss you.