Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Kaysi is 15 years old. A girl who doesn't want to mess up at anything and will always strive for success whether that's in volleyball or english. She can be quiet and reserved until you get her dancing or wait until she cracks a joke. She is passionate and has a deep love for those close to her. She is the captain on the varsity volleyball team. She comes from a broken family. She has an absent father and a forgetful mother, and a step father who is prone to wing a fist full of anger; thankfully not at kaysi, but her mother hasn't been able to stear clear of the rage that so frequently comes. This last blow was one to the head leaving kaycee's mother unconcious and in need of plenty stitches. When kaysi saw her mom, she cried and went into a familiar panic attack. Kaysi became raged and bolistic. She felt as if it were her fault, like so many other events that take place, kaysi puts herself to blame. Her culture and environment tell her this is normal, and that her out of control behavior is something she should not be doing. Her mother told her walking out of the hospital that she is ok, and that kaysi is ok. A manner in which to sweep things under the rug. But kaysi is not ok, and her mother... beyond ok. Yesterday kaysi slept for 24 hours straight. Her body is in a state of trama and drained from her anger boiling to the point of explosion. She told her mom she was going to kill her step dad. And to be honest, if she didn't have people like Jess (vball coach) she would have no other reason not to. Kaysi's older sister (17) is pregnat and her other older sister (19) just moved into her boyfriends house. The Dominican cycle could continue with kaysi; meet a guy, have sex, once the children come the guy often leaves, and the girl is forced to take care of the child on her own or she finds another guy, has more children, the guy could do the same thing. Those children will grow up and do thesame thing, repeating the cycle. Our whole mission with kaysi and these vball girls is to break that cycle. Give these girls an out, something and some place to go to and as well to see and hear the gospel. Kaysi I just one of many girls struggling to understand the trials she faces and find the love she is longing for. Just as I know her story goes deep beyond the words on your computer screen, I pray that God's love will penetrate even deeper with in her.

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  1. Court! It sounds like you're having a wonderful time (not surprised)! Reading your entries makes me realize exactly how much I miss that place and everything that comes with it, such as Kaysi. I'm not sure if she remembers me, but please pass along the message that I miss her and I pray for her all the time! Don't get jealous i miss you too and I pray for you as well!! I hope you're having a blasty blast! (I know you will) and I'm so happy for you :)
    love you dude.