Wednesday, May 9, 2012

doulos (δοῦλος)

an opportunity to serve (doulos).
one week from today I will be departing for an amazing adventure in the Dominican Republic. God has me there for 3 months which most people imagine is a long time, but I'm already aware of how diminutive this time will actually be. In these past few months God has been working on me in more ways then one. Its great to look back on now and realize it all even being in the midst, but its not been easy to go through. My focus has been on the end of the expedition for some time now and I have neglected the journey and reason in which God has me there. He has left things on hold, and has left me waiting to figure out this thing called patience and of course this thing called living for Him DAILY. I am often being reminded that I do not have control, nor can I have a plan that will go my way if I choose to live for Him. His plans are infinitely bigger and infinitely better. I am called to be a servant of the most high God; I am as well called to serve His people, not myself.
my focus lies on these girls and the people of the Dominican Republic.

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