Sunday, April 26, 2015

seize & listen

It's been one week since moving to the Dominican Republic. This time, for more then 3 months. My body is still adjusting to the heat wave and bugs that eat you alive. Sitting here on my bed, thankful for a fan that's running as high as the thing will go before the blade spins off. Yet, that still doesn't help stop the sweat dripping down my back. It's 8:45pm. That means no covers or sheets tonight and that means more itching and scratching in the morning. BUT honestly being back is great!

This week alone God is teaching me many things. As soon as my plane landed I had a check list of things to accomplish. I blame it on the "American way". After several days my checklist was not diminishing, but growing. I was tempted to get overwhelm and somewhat frustrated then tried to remind myself "this is only your first week, you are OK!" But of course that didn't penetrate my heart. As I was reading "A Praying Life" (something I'm working on!) I read this; "If you try to seize the day, the day will break you. Seize the corner of His garments and don't let go until He blesses you. He will reshape the day." BOOM. Jesus changed the my thoughts and my attitude in an instant.

On that checklist I mentioned... FIND A SPANISH TUTOR.. was numero uno. Despite what I learned at Missionary Training.... 'wait a month until you start language classes'.... I'm realizing I don't have the patience to wait. In the past week I've struggled to speak Spanish and God is patiently reminding me over and over to become like a child. To listen. To not only cultivate a listening ear, but a listening heart. Before I can speak, I must listen. Of course this goes beyond language. There is nothing secret about communion with God. If my life before God is broken of pride and self-will, crying out for grace, then communion with Him happens. Listening is just one of the things that happens in the course of my soul connecting with God. Learning to listening so that I can learn to speak is just one of those things that has to happen as well.

So I'm taking ahold of the corner of His garments, because I cannot do this without His grace.

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  1. I'm learning to listen too, CB. Good thing we have such a patient Teacher!