Thursday, August 21, 2014

trust is without boarders.

I love that song, Oceans, because its truly been my prayer. May He lead me where my trust is without boarders.

God placed a call on my heart years ago to become a teacher and gave me a passion for children with special needs. He also overwhelmed my heart to serve as a missionary.
I wondered when. how. where.

For the past three summers I have had the amazing opportunity to live in the Dominican Republic and serve with an outstanding organization. I first met the staff of Students International in 2011 where God broke my heart for the poor young girls of the community as we played volleyball on dirt slabs with tattered nets and flat balls. One staff member called me out among the 12 in our group, sharing that he believed I would be the one to come back. God as well confirmed his belief in my return. In 2012 I joined 9 others as the Summer Intern Staff. I learned that love has no bounds. Language barriers are difficult and frustrating, but His love knew no hight or depth. As soon as my feet had left the rich Dominican soil, my heart longed to be back. I went through a tough and emotional year as I obtained my Teaching Credential and couldn't keep my mind from wondering back to the deep culture and over populated streets of a town I considered home. I pleaded with God to take me back. Everyday. In 2013 the staff at Students International accepted me back for the summer as a volunteer in order to manage their media site. Taking my love for photography and missions, I thought it the perfect of opportunities. One I could consider doing full time. In the intention of capturing the mission of every site as I drove my motorcycle up and down the rocky roads, it captured my heart for the Dominican people and their need for a Savior. Of all the places I found myself, Centro Especial Genesis was my favorite place to be. It is the only school in the area for mentally and physically challenged children. My heart grew twice as big when hanging out with these beautiful children. Hugs and smiles, laughter and love. But there was a need. First and for most they needed Jesus. Some of the children's bodies were also aching for need. A Physical Therapist could only visit twice a week and with the amount of children, their bodies are only treated once a week, but they need treatment everyday. As I said my goodbyes, tears flooded through an uncertainty of when I would return.

This past April I sat in my office at the High School with my contract in hand, but a longing in my heart. One morning I was reading over Proverbs 21:2; "All the man's ways seem right to him, but the Lord weighs his heart". At a fork in the road with no wrong decision I prayed that God would weigh my heart. That evening, when the director of Students International asked if I'd be willing to build an Adaptive Physical Education program at Genesis, my heart was weighed.

God answered the when. how. and where of my wondering.

Even through my wavering patience, or truly, lack their of, God was graciously planning. Building an extravagant relationship. Growing and molding lives. Pursuing a wondering heart back to the meaning of love. Simply, for His ultimate glory.

May this story. journey. trust without boarders be to His ultimate glory.

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